Easyli Digestable Foods in Bangladesh

These are easily digestable foods which you may have during digestion problems

Digestion problem is very common in Bangladesh. Everybody suffers from this now and then. Many prefer to starve during this time and depend only on oral saline water during this time. However, there are many foods which can be easily digested and even improve the indigestion problem. We are chosing the following six foods considerigng availability over the country and affordability for mass people.

Don't be surprised. Boiled egg is very much easily digestable food
Like green banana ripe banana is also easily digestable and full of vitamins and minerals
Boiled Rice (both white and brown) is very easyily digested.
Green Banana is alos easily digestable and helps to improve your digestion
Rice with yogurt (doi) is very good for your upset stomach
Chicken curry with less spices or Chicken soup is also very easily digested

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