What is Keto Diet and what are the pros and cons

Now a days, this diet has become a craze in Bangladesh. Ketogenic is a low-carb diet. The process is to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. You need to avoid most on the carbohydrates that are easy to digest, like rice, sugar even many vagitables and fruits. This will eventually put you in a position where you will be deprived of many essential vitamins and minerals.
Possible short term weight loss
Increased awareness of food and nutrient intake
Possible increased satiety and decreased hunger between meals
Restrictive nature of diet usually encourages more home-cooked meals
Rapid weight loss might initially come from water losses and may not be indicative of true weight loss
Increased risk of kidney stones, liver disease, and micronutrient deficiencies
Concern for long term outcomes of high-fat diets on cardiovascular health
Difficult to sustain restrictive diet, which may lead to weight regain
Keto diet almost exclusively depends on Protein and Fat based foods. Protein and Fat based foods are costly in our country. For example, meat, chicken, egg and various types of nuts are options for Keto diet in Bangladesh. However, these food items are not affordable for regular day to day consumption for most of the people of Bangladesh. Considering the socio-economic situation, these diet is not sustainable for people of Bangladesh.
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Availability of food item is another problem of Keto diet. As many of the food items of Keto diets are not commonly taken in Bangladesh for everyday meal. For example, various types of nuts are not easily found in District level, let alone thana level. So, people following this Keto diet invests a lot of time and money to regularly avail these foods for his regular Keto meal. It is a considerable hassle for Bangladesh being not so developed country yet.
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Malnutrition risks
As Keto diet highly depends on new kinds of foods which are not widely taken in general society in long history of our food culture, there is a possibility that people will not be able to correctly follow the diet. As keto diet is highly restrictive in nature, failure to follow the diet strictly will lead to nutritional deficiencies. If strong monitoring is not ensured, the patient following this diet may fall victim of malnutrition which may lead to severe health problems.

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