Top 3 vitamin C rich foods in Bangladesh

We are considering availability all over the country around the year and affordability as well

We need only 1.2 milligrams of vitamic B1 or Thiamine daily as vitamin B1 is stored in our body for short period of time. Typically 14 days B1 is stored in our Liver.
Lentils(Mosur/Mung Dal)
Various types of lentils or Dal is a good source of Thiamine or B1. In absence of whole grain rice or wheat, we have no choice but to eat Dal or Lentils everyday. 1 cup of cooked lentils contains almost 0.25 milligrams of vitamin B1 or Thiamine, which is almost 25% of our Daily Required Intake
Many vegetables like Eggplant, Potatoes and Tomatoes have some amount of vitamin B1. If we eat these vegetables everyday as single or as mixed vegetables, we will be able to take at least 0.10 milligrams of this vitamin. Bottom line is, if we cook vegetables as tasty meal and eat enough, we will not be deficient on Thiamine or vitamin B1.
Although pricey and non-affordable for many people to eat meat everyday, we should try to eat meat now and then. Once in a week, eating meat will give us considerable amount of vitamin B1.

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