Top 3 vitamin C rich foods in Bangladesh

We are considering availability all over the country around the year and affordability as well

We need 65 to 90 milligrams of vitamic C daily as vitamin C is not stored in our body
Lemon is full of Vitamin C. It is easily available all over the country and throughout the year. It is also affordable for mass people. It contains 53 miligrams of vitamin C per 100 gram. So, one or two slices of lemon is capable of meeting 25% of your daily vitamin C requirement.
Green Chilli
Green Chilli is not very well known for it's vitamin C nutrient. But it is full of vitamic C. It is also avaiable and affordable. But, cooking destroyes the vitamin C in green chilli. So, You must eat it raw with other food like rice. It contains 143 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 gram. So, 3/4 green chilli will furnish half your daily requirement.
Guava contains highest vitamic C per 100 gram. It is a very good fruit and also tasty. Now a days, it is also cultivated and avaiable all over the country. It contains 228 grams of Vitamin C per 100 gram. So, Quarter of a medium size Guava is enough to fullfil your full daily vitamin C requirement

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